Women’s Training Program

The goals of this program are to assist women in need to:

  • Receive business and vocational skills training
  • Become more self-sufficient
  • Increase their work opportunities
  • Better provide for themselves, their children, their families, and their communities


Increasingly in the Democratic Republic of Congo, women are called upon to serve as the primary breadwinners and heads of households. This is often due to the death of the husband or the rejection they experience as victims of violence. Investing in the livelihood of these women is crucial for the future of their health and well-being, the future of their children’s health and wellbeing, and the future of their communities.

The Pygmy Vocational Training Project for Women in Need

The importance of investing in women’s livelihoods programs is often overlooked. A survey conducted by Women for Women demonstrates the importance of these programs in improving women’s lives. Women who earn even a small income see dividends in their physical and mental health, nutrition, and the well-being of their families. For example:

  • The higher a woman’s income rises above $1/day, the more likely she will eat at least two complete meals/day.
  • Women who earn more than $1/day are also more likely to save for their future. This promotes stability and improves the quality of life for women and their children, their families, and their communities.
  • Enabling women to work also mitigates domestic violence, since domestic violence decreases when wives earn money.
  • Women express the need for targeted economic development programs that help women, such as job-skills training with micro-loans to support their economic, physical and mental well-being.

Photo Credit: Lisa Shannon