The Zerofootprint Foundation was created with the sole purpose of supporting innovative projects that move us towards a vision of a dramatically reduced global carbon footprint.

Our work started in 2005 with the goal to engage communities around the world in the battle against climate change, and we work collaboratively to inspire large-scale carbon reductions. Our initiatives uphold the values of sustainable urbanization, grassroots movements, and the empowerment of individuals around the world.

Currently our focus is on funding grassroots community-based partner organizations that work in neglected and war-torn communities in The Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Zerofootprint Brand Family

We are Engagement Architects. We believe engagement is an untapped resource. We mine this resource to create healthier, happier customers and improve ROI while reducing our footprint. We engage individuals - our clients are their providers.

Zerofootprint Carbon is an end-to-end carbon mitigation partner. We measure and calculate organizational and product-specific carbon footprints, including life cycle analysis.

The Zerofootprint Re-Skinning Awards showcase excellence in holistic retrofitting projects from around the world. These are projects that update older buildings to bring their carbon, energy, and water performance to sustainable levels, improve their aesthetics, and make them \"smarter.\"


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